Hässleholm, Skåne County, Scania Province, Sweden

🇸🇪 Hässleholm (older Danish: Hasselholm) is a locality and the seat of Hässleholm Municipality, Scania County, Sweden.

The present municipality was created in 1974 when the former City of Hässleholm was amalgamated with seven surrounding municipalities. Back in 1863 there were twenty-nine local government units in the area. Hässleholm was gradually developed from 1860 in connection with the construction of the main Stockholm to Malmö railway line. There was no settlement on the spot before the arrival of the railway. The station got its name from a manor situated in the vicinity of a planned railway junction. It gained the city title in 1914 and was then classified as one of Sweden's smallest cities. During the 20th century, it developed into a military hub. After the end of the cold war, most of the military establishments were disbanded or moved to other locations.

In 2000, Hässleholm's Cultural Center ("kulturhus") was opened. It features theatres, a library, a visitors centre, and restaurants. East of the town centre is the hometown park ("hembygdspark") with a statue called "Snapphanen", by the sculptor Axel Ebbe. The statue reminds of the area's history as a centre for Scanian insurgents during the 17th-century struggles between Sweden and Denmark.

Some of the town's most interesting and distinctive architecture is located along First Avenue ("Första avenyn"). The Central Train Station is at the west end of the street, in the very heart of the town. Hässleholm's church (built in 1914) lies at the east end of the street. Hotell Statt, the main and oldest hotel, is located on the north side, and on the south side is the town's oldest building, which now holds stores, offices, and apartments.

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Hässleholm has a population of over 18,500 people. Hässleholm also forms part of the wider Skåne County which has a population of over 1,340,415 people. Hässleholm is situated 31 km north-west of Kristianstad.

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