Greenwood, Indiana, United States

๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ Greenwood is a city in Johnson County, Indiana, United States. Greenwood is located between Indiana State Road 37 and Interstate 65. The city shares a border with Indianapolis and is the most populous suburban municipality in the southern portion of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Area. Greenwood has a total of over 2,800 business establishments, and among the principal employers in the city by are: Food Services and Drinking Places, General Merchandise Stores, Physician Offices, Health and Personal Care Stores, Clothing and Clothing Accessories, Elementary and Secondary Schools, Personal Care Services, General Construction, Motor Vehicle and Parts Dealers, Food and Beverage Stores

Greenwood is home to the headquarters or other major facilities for several large businesses. The U.S. headquarters for Swiss process automation company Endress+Hauser is located in the southern portion of the city, immediately east of US 31 between Worthsville Road and Pushville Road. Nachi Fujikoshi's subsidiary Nachi America Inc., a producer of machine tools, maintains its corporate campus and manufacturing facilities on Pushville Road in Greenwood. Amazon operates a fulfilment centre near Worthsville Road and Interstate 65. Power tool manufacturer Milwaukee Electric Tool operates a U.S. service hub at Greenwood's Southtech Business Park.

Four craft breweries are located within Greenwood. Oaken Barrel Brewing Co. has called Greenwood home since its opening in 1994. Oaken Barrel is the second oldest brewpub in Indiana. Planetary Brewing established a production centre and tasting room for Greenwood customers in 2013. The city is also home to Mashcraft Brewing Company. Mashcraft operates a taproom on State Road 135. Hoosier Brewing Company is located on South Madison Avenue in Old Town.

Greenwood, Indiana, United States 
<b>Greenwood, Indiana, United States</b>
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Greenwood has a population of over 58,780 people. Greenwood also forms one of the centres of the wider Indianapolis-Carmel-Anderson metropolitan area which has a population of over 2,092,660 people.

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