Granadilla de Abona, Province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

🇮🇨 Granadilla de Abona is a municipality of Tenerife, located in the south of the island, occupying an area of 155 square kilometers. In recent years, the population has greatly increased due to an influx of immigrants, from Western Sahara, Colombia, Cuba, and other African and Latin American countries.

The municipality extends from the altitudinous centre of the island -Mount Guajara (2,718 m, the second-highest mountain on the island, after Teide) is situated in this municipality- to the Atlantic Ocean.

Reina Sofía Airport is located in this municipality, as well as the beachside town of El Médano ("The Sand Dune"), where many important windsurfing competitions are held. La Montaña Roja ("The Red Mountain"), a volcanic cone located in El Médano, is a protected natural preserve, along with five other "espacios naturales", which comprise 25% of the municipality's total area. Plans to build an industrial and commercial port in this municipality along a 5-kilometer (3.1 mi) sector along the coast, from Barranco del Río to Montaña Pelada, have been discussed but not implemented, due to concerns about the environmental damage such a development would cause (All objections have been cleared and port goes ahead). There is a wind farm in this municipality as well.

The municipality's main town is Granadilla de Abona; other towns include San Isidro, El Cabezo, Castro, Los Abrigos, Charco del Pino, Montaña de Yaco, El Salto, and Los Llanos.

The Puerto Industrial de Granadilla is a port located in the municipality of Granadilla de Abona in the south-east of the island of Tenerife (Spain). It is a complementary work of the port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and intended to provide necessary facilities to different types of traffic, attract new traffic and cover increases. It is the largest industrial port of the Canary Islands.

The port has a contradique of a length of 1,150 meters. The Exterior Dock extends longitudinally at 2,512 meters. The Muelle de Ribera has 160 meters with a draft of sixteen meters and an associated esplanade of approximately fifteen hectares.

The second section of the Ribera dock is currently[when?] under construction, which will result in the materialization of another 160 meters of quay. It is expected that the port can count on a regasification plant in the year 2020.

With the entry into operation of the Port of Granadilla, the Port Authority of Santa Cruz de Tenerife manages six ports of general interest for this maritime province; those of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Los Cristianos and Granadilla on the island of Tenerife, and those of San Sebastián de La Gomera, Santa Cruz de La Palma and La Estaca, the latter on the island of El Hierro.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife 
Santa Cruz de Tenerife
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Granadilla de Abona has a population of over 48,374 people. Granadilla de Abona also forms part of the wider Santa Cruz de Tenerife province which has a population of over 1,018,510 people. Granadilla de Abona is situated 16 km east of Arona.

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