Gotō, Nagasaki Prefecture, Kyūshū Region, Japan

🇯🇵 Gotō is a city in Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan. It comprises the south-west half of the Gotō Islands plus Danjo and Hizen Torishima archipelagos in the East China Sea. Although the core islands of the city lay some 100 km from Nagasaki, the other archipelagos lay 60 km further to South-West. The city consists of 11 inhabited and 52 uninhabited islands. The three main islands of the city are Fukue, Hisaka, and Naru.

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Tokyo Time
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Gotō has a population of over 37,770 people. Gotō also forms part of the wider Nagasaki Prefecture which has a population of over 1,314,078 people. Gotō is situated 100 km west of Nagasaki.

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