Geffen, North Brabant, Netherlands

🇳🇱 Geffen is a vilage in the Dutch province of North Brabant, and is part of the city of Oss. Archeological findings show that the area had been inhabited since the Stone Age. The first time Geffen was mentioned in official documents was in 1246. In 1298, Duke Jan II of Brabant granted the town of Geffen rights for peat harvesting. In the following centuries, Geffen became a fiefdom. The Vassal of Geffen resided in the castle of Geffen close to the border of Nuland. During a French raid in the 18th century this castle was destroyed and at this time only the ditch and its fortifications can be found.

Geffen, North Brabant, Netherlands 
<b>Geffen, North Brabant, Netherlands</b>
Image: Havang

Geffen has a population of over 4,567 people. Geffen also forms part of the wider Oss metropolitan area which has a population of over 91,451 people.

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