Ganja, Ganja-Gazakh Region, Azerbaijan

🇦🇿 Ganja (Gäncä) is Azerbaijan's third largest city. The city has been a historic and cultural centre throughout most of its existence. Until 1804, it was the capital of the Ganja Khanate.

Economy The economy of Ganja is partially agricultural, partially tourist based, with some industries in operation. Ore minerals extracted from nearby mines supply Ganja's metallurgical industries, which produces copper and alumina. There are porcelain, silk and footwear industries. Other industries process food, grapes and cotton from the surrounding farmlands.

The city has one of the largest textile conglomerates in Azerbaijan and is famous for a fabric named Ganja silk, which received the highest marks in the markets of neighbouring countries and the Middle East.

People are mainly employed in manufacturing, education, transportation, service sectors and catering. Det.Al-Aluminium is the largest employer operating in Ganja, followed by Ganja Auto Plant and Ganja Winery Plant 2.

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Ganja has a population of over 335,600 people. Ganja also forms the centre of the wider Ganja-Qazakh Region which has a population of over 1,265,200 people.

Twin Towns – Sister Cities Ganja is twinned with: 🇷🇺 Derbent, Russia; 🇹🇷 Kars, Turkey; 🇬🇪 Kutaisi, Georgia; 🇷🇺 Moscow, Russia; 🇺🇸 Newark, United States; 🇨🇿 Olomouc, Czech Republic; 🇹🇷 Ordu, Turkey; 🇮🇷 Tabriz, Iran.

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