Fengtai, Beijing Municipality, China

🇨🇳 Fengtai District (丰台区) is a district of the municipality of Beijing. It lies mostly to the south-west of the city centre, extending into the city's south-western suburbs beyond the Sixth Ring Road, but also to the south and, to a smaller extent, the south-east, where it has borders with Chaoyang District and Dongcheng District.

Beijing West railway station and Beijing South railway station are both located in the north-eastern part of Fengtai, near its border with Xicheng District. Beijing Fengtai railway station is currently under renovation.

Economy In 2017, the regional GDP of the district is 142.75 billion yuan, with GDP per capita at 65.3 thousand yuan. China United Airlines previously had its headquarters in Fengtai District. Okay Airways previously had its headquarters in Fengtai District.

Tourist Industry • Beijing World Park • White Cloud Temple • Marco Polo Bridge • Wanping Fortress, at the eastern end of the bridge • Museum of the War of Chinese People's Resistance Against Japanese Aggression, inside the fortress

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Fengtai has a population of over 2,112,000 people. Fengtai also forms part of the wider Beijing metropolitan area which has a population of over 21,640,000 people.

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