Fenghuang, Hunan Province, China

🇨🇳 Fenghuang County, named after the mythological birds Fenghuang, is a county of Hunan Province, China, under the administration of Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture. Located on the western margin of the province and the southern Xiangxi, it is immediately adjacent to the eastern edge of Guizhou Province. The county is bordered to the north by Huayuan County and Jishou City, to the east by Luxi County, to the south-east by Mayang County, to the south-west and the west by Bijiang District of Tongren City and Songtao County of Guizhou. The county has 13 towns and four townships under its jurisdiction, the county seat is Tuojiang (沱江镇).

The Fenghuang Maglev is under construction and due to open in 2021. It will connect the Fenghuang railway station on Zhangjiajie–Jishou–Huaihua high-speed railway with the Fenghuang Folklore Garden.

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Fenghuang has a population of over 363,700 people. Fenghuang also forms one of the centres of the wider Xiangxi Prefecture which has a population of over 3,650,000 people. Fenghuang is situated 42 km south of Jishou.

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