Fengcheng, Jiangsu Province, China

🇨🇳 Feng County, or Fengxian, is under the administration of Xuzhou, Jiangsu province, China. The northwesternmost and westernmost county-level division in the province, it borders the provinces of Shandong to the north and west, and Anhui to the south. The county is well known for its about 11,120 acres of the Fuji apple trees. Feng County has 14 towns: • Fengcheng (凤城镇) • Shouxian (首羡镇) • Shunhe (顺河镇) • Changdian (常店镇) • Huankou (欢口镇) • Shizhai (师寨镇) • Huashan (华山镇) • Liangzhai (梁寨镇) • Fanlou (范楼镇) • Sunlou (孙楼镇) • Songlou (宋楼镇) • Dashahe (大沙河镇) • Wanggou (王沟镇) • Zhaozhuang (赵庄镇)

Gefeng Tai Altar in Peixian Couty, Jiangsu 

Fengcheng has a population of over 950,500 people.

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