Esenyurt, Istanbul Province, Marmara Region, Türkiye


🇹🇷 Esenyurt is a district of the Istanbul Province and is a part of the metropolitan municipality of Istanbul. Located in the European side of Istanbul, Esenyurt borders with Avcılar and Lake Küçükçekmece on the east, Büyükçekmece on the west, Başakşehir, Arnavutköy and TEM road on the north and Beylikdüzü and E-5 motorway on the south. The district covers an area of 2.770 hectares and has its own municipality since 1989.

With the construction boom of large residential complexes in the area in the past few years, Esenyurt benefited from a major development. It now has four cultural centres, which are Esenyurt Cultural Centre, Saadetdere Cultural Centre, Yenikent Cultural Centre and Yunus Balta Cultural Centre. Four parks built in Esenyurt (Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Park, Şehitler Park, Gaziler Park and Kadir Topbaş Park) are also situated among the complexes.

The district is mainly built on the land owned by Ekrem Ömer Paşa in the 19th century. The name Esenyurt drives from one of the land owners Eşkinoz. The area received migration from Romania and Bulgaria between 1920 and 1938, and had more recent migration mainly from Ardahan and Kars, as well as Erzurum and Artvin.

Esenyurt is a popular residential area due to the brand new properties and affordable property prices compared with Istanbul centre. Esenyurt is home to the Istanbul Esenyurt University, while being very close to Beykent University, Istanbul Arel University, Istanbul University and Istanbul Gelişim University. TUYAP Exhibition and Conference Centre is only 5km away from Esenyurt centre, while it is 26km away from the Istanbul Atatürk Airport. Shopping facilities are mainly gathered around shopping centres rather than individual shops along the streets. Esenyurt has three shopping centres, which are Eskule Shopping Centre, Torium Shopping Centre, City Center Shopping Centre and Akbatı AVM.


Education • Beykent University Hadımköy Campus.

Esenyurt, Istanbul Province, Marmara Region, Türkiye 
<b>Esenyurt, Istanbul Province, Marmara Region, Türkiye</b>
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Esenyurt has a population of over 954,579 people. Esenyurt also forms one of the centres of the Greater Istanbul metropolitan area which has a population of over 15,519,267 people. Esenyurt is situated 31 km west of the centre of Istanbul.

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Antipodal to Esenyurt is: -151.333,-41.033

Locations Near: Esenyurt 28.6667,41.0333

🇹🇷 Kıraç 28.667,41.033 d: 0  

🇹🇷 Beylikdüzü 28.633,41 d: 4.6  

🇹🇷 Büyükçekmece 28.585,41.019 d: 7  

🇹🇷 Avcılar 28.717,40.967 d: 8.5  

🇹🇷 Küçükçekmece 28.8,41 d: 11.8  

🇹🇷 Başakşehir 28.817,41.083 d: 13.8  

🇹🇷 Bağcılar 28.85,41.033 d: 15.4  

🇹🇷 Bahçelievler 28.85,40.983 d: 16.4  

🇹🇷 Güngören 28.867,41.017 d: 16.9  

🇹🇷 Zeytinburnu 28.883,40.967 d: 19.6  

Antipodal to: Esenyurt -151.333,-41.033

🇵🇫 Papeete -149.566,-17.537 d: 17397  

🇹🇴 Nuku'alofa -175.216,-21.136 d: 16862.7  

🇦🇸 Pago Pago -170.701,-14.279 d: 16499.5  

🇼🇸 Apia -171.76,-13.833 d: 16400.8  

🇺🇸 Hilo -155.089,19.725 d: 13247.9  

🇺🇸 Maui -156.446,20.72 d: 13128.1  

🇺🇸 Maui County -156.617,20.868 d: 13110.4  

🇺🇸 Kahului -156.466,20.891 d: 13109  

🇺🇸 Wailuku -156.505,20.894 d: 13108.4  

🇺🇸 Honolulu -157.85,21.3 d: 13051.3  

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