Dawa, Liaoning Province, China

🇨🇳 Dawa District ( 大洼区) is a district of the city of Panjin, in central Liaoning province of Northeast China. The district has a land area of 1,683 square km (650 sq mi). The postal code is 124200. The district seat is located in Zhanqian Community in Dawa Town. The district was known as Dawa County (大洼县; 大窪縣; Dàwā Xiàn) until 2016, when it was converted to a district.

Dawa consists of six subdistricts and 10 towns. • Subdistricts: Rongbin Subdistrict (荣滨街道), Erjiegou Subdistrict (二界沟街道), Rongxing Subdistrict (荣兴街道), Dawa Subdistrict (大洼街道), Tianjia Subdistrict (田家街道), Yushu Subdistrict (榆树街道), Xianghai Subdistrict (向海街道), Qianjin Subdistrict (前进街道) • Towns: Tianzhuangtai (Tienchwangtai) (田庄台镇), Dongfeng (东风镇), Xinkai (新开镇), Qingshui (清水镇), Xinxing (新兴镇), Xi'an (西安镇), Xinli (新立镇), Tangjia (唐家镇), Ping'an Township (平安镇), Zhaoquanhe (赵圈河镇).

Tourist Industry The Red Beach, a marsh landscape famous for a sea of red plants, is in the district.

Image: Photo by Xiaolin zhang on Unsplash

Dawa has a population of over 390,000 people. Dawa also forms part of the wider Panjin prefecture which has a population of over 1,389,691 people.

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