Darebin, Victoria, Australia

🇦🇺 The City of Darebin is a local government area in Victoria, Australia, in the northern suburbs of Melbourne.

Suburbs include: • Alphington • Bundoora • Coburg • Coburg North • Fairfield • Kingsbury • Macleod • Northcote • Preston • Reservoir • Thornbury

Economy of Darebin The 2012 Business Register states that Darebin currently has 11,575 businesses operating within the region. These businesses create 55,278 jobs for locals and residents of Melbourne, and the Darebin area itself has 74,291 employed residents. Darebin had a Gross Regional Product of A$5.23 billion in 2012, a 0.3% increase on the previous year. Since 2001, approximately A$1 billion of extra GRP has been created in the region. The biggest exports in Darebin are: • Manufacturing ($1,072 million) • Education & training ($313 million) • Wholesale trade ($243 million)

Since 2006, gentrification in the Darebin area has seen average incomes and property values increase significantly in the region, particularly in the suburbs of Northcote, Fairfield, Alphington and Thornbury. As a result, there has been a dramatic change in the economy of Darebin and the types of businesses that operate. For example, since 2006, there has been increases in the total exports of the following industry sectors: • Accommodation & food services – 49% increase ($39 million to $88.8 million) • Wholesale trade – 39.4% increase ($203 million to $243 million)

Darebin also experienced growth thanks to the mining boom, with a 57% increase in mining-relating exports from 2006 to 2012, despite there being no mines in the municipality. Of the 11,575 registered businesses in Darebin, the most common industry sectors are: • Construction – 1,992 registered businesses (17.2%) • Professional, scientific & technical services – 1,442 registered businesses (12.3%) • Rental, hiring & real estate services – 1,167 registered businesses (10.1%) • Transport, postal & warehousing – 1,031 registered businesses (8.9%)

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Darebin has a population of over 161,609 people. Darebin also forms part of the wider Melbourne metropolitan area which has a population of over 5,061,000 people.

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