Cupar, Saskatchewan, Canada

🇨🇦 Cupar is a town 75 km north-east of Regina in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. Cupar is settled on the flat plains 45 km north of the scenic Qu'Appelle Valley. it is significant for its remarkable hockey history.

Cupar is the home of artist Jacqueline Berting. The Berting Glass studio is located north of town. One of her best known works is The Glass Wheatfield, encompassing 1,400 waist-high glass wheat stalks, each piece individually hand cut and lamp worked. Berting calls her work "a salute to the Canadian farmer".

The town hosts the Cupar Gopher Drop, a unique lottery held every summer. Stuffed toy gophers labelled with numbers are dropped from a hot-air balloon along with numbered gopher holes. The "owner" of the gopher that lands nearest Hole 1 wins first prize, and so on. Cupar became a village in 1905. It was named by a Canadian Pacific Railway official after the town of Cupar in Fife, Scotland. The town celebrated its centennial in 2005. Cupar has a swimming pool, ice rink, curling, rink, ball diamonds, and golf. The Cupar Canucks of the senior men's Highway Hockey League play here

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Cupar has a population of over 579 people. Cupar is situated 75 km north-east of Regina.

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