Comrat, Gagauzia District, Moldova

🇲🇩 Comrat is a city and municipality in Moldova and the capital of the autonomous region of Gagauzia. It is located in the south of the country, on the Ialpug River. The vast majority of Comrat's population are Gagauzians.

Economy Comrat is situated in the southern wine zone of Moldova. It is known for production of red wine and muscat. In Comrat and its suburbs there are about 10 wineries. Food production is very developed in the city. Comrat is a home for food processing factories, alcohol production, and an oil processing plant (the first and only one in Moldova). There is also such economic agents as a ferro-concrete factory, furniture productions, wood processing, production of plastic windows and doors, cattle butcheries, and transport companies.

Wineries Comrat Wines - the oldest winery located in the south of Republic of Moldova. Aur-Vin is a Moldovan wine producer from Comrat. This factory takes part of the Moldovan wine producer Dionis Club.

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Comrat has a population of over 20,113 people. Comrat also forms the centre of the wider Gagauzia District which has a population of over 134,535 people.

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