Chaguaramas, Diego Martin Regional Corporation, Trinidad, Trinidad and Tobago

🇹🇹 Chaguaramas lies in the Northwest Peninsula of Trinidad west of Port of Spain; the name is often applied to the entire peninsula, but is sometimes used to refer to its most developed area. The developed area in Chaguaramas starts at ALCOA and ends at the Army and Coast Guard camps on the mainland. In the description or context of "developed area" one excludes the five islands which are in various stages of development or redevelopment as of 2016. Most of the roadway in Chaguaramas lies close to the coastline and one can view the sea from the winding road. Chaguaramas is about 14 km from Port of Spain.

Port of Spain Time 

Chaguaramas has a population of over 262 people. Chaguaramas is situated 14 km north-west of the centre of Port of Spain.

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