Ceres, San Cristobal, Santa Fe Province, Argentina

🇦🇷 Ceres is a municipality San Cristóbal Department, in Santa Fe Province, Argentina. The town of Ceres is 266 km (165 mi) north-west of the provincial capital Santa Fe. The town is situated 10 km (6 mi) from the border with Santiago del Estero Province, receiving a strong cultural, social and commercial influence from them.

Ceres sits on National Route 34 and Provincial Route 17. It has a railway connection on FCA (ex-Mitre) with frequent general cargo, mining, cereals, and passenger trains, taking a good portion of the products from the Argentine Northwest to the port of Rosario.

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Ceres has a population of over 16,054 people. Ceres also forms part of the wider San Cristóbal Department which has a population of over 64,935 people. It is also a part of the larger Santa Fe Province. Ceres is situated 266 km north-west of Santa Fe.

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