Celorico de Basto, Braga District, Norte Region, Portugal

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🇵🇹 Celorico de Basto is a municipality in Braga District in Portugal. The municipality is located bordering the municipality of Cabeceiras de Basto to the north, Mondim de Basto to the east, Amarante to the south, Felgueiras to the south-east and Fafe to the west. The municipal holiday is July 25. Celorico de Basto has been occupied since ancient times, as witness marks in the most ancient civilisations have left here.


Parishes Administratively, the municipality is divided into 15 civil parishes (freguesias): • Agilde • Arnóia • Borba de Montanha • Britelo, Gémeos e Ourilhe • Caçarilhe e Infesta • Canedo de e Corgo • Carvalho e Basto (Santa Tecla) • Codeçoso • Fervença • Moreira do Castelo • Rego • Ribas • São Clemente de Basto • Vale de Bouro • Veade, Gagos e Molares.


Economy: Tourist Industry The municipality of Celorico de Basto has a vast historical and architectural, civil, and religious heritage and a great diversity of places of tourist interest to visit. From its diversification of tradition, the Castle of Arnoia, the Monastery of Arnoia, as well as the Romanesque churches of Veade, Fervença, and Ribas are highlighted.

Stand out from among the various monuments and places to visit: • Arnoia Castle, the only Castle on the Romanesque Route, located in the village of Basto; • Monastery of São Bento de Arnoia, Benedictine monastery; • Natural Trail of Tâmega; • Church of the Savior of Fervença, part of the Route of the Romanesque; • Church of Salvador de Ribas, part of the Route of the Romanesque; • Church of Santa Maria de Veade, part of the Route of the Romanesque; • Estela of Vila Boa; • Municipal Library of Celorico de Basto Prof. Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa; • Freixieiro Ludic Park; • Quinta do Prado, with its house and gardens.


Festivities • Festa Internacional das Camélias


Gastronomy In the municipality of Celorico de Basto, stands out the Pão de ló and the cavacas. The special condiment is Green wine, of demarcated quality and very particular flavour and aroma.

Aerial view of Braga from Monte Picoto, Portugal 
Aerial view of Braga from Monte Picoto, Portugal
Image: Adobe Stock dudlajzov #307610076

Celorico de Basto has a population of over 20,098 people. Celorico de Basto also forms part of the wider Braga District which has a population of over 831,366 people. Celorico de Basto is situated near Amarante.

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