Buta, Bas-Uele Province, Democratic Republic of the Congo

🇨🇩 Buta is a city in the northern Democratic Republic of the Congo, lying on the Rubi River, a tributary of the Itimbiri River. It is the capital of Bas-Uele province.

It is home to the Buta Zega Airport.

Buta lies on the defunct narrow gauge Vicicongo line built by the Société des Chemins de Fer Vicinaux du Congo that ran east from Aketi on the Itimbiri River past Buta to Zobia, Isiro and Mungbere. The line ran from Kotili to Buta and onward to Andoma The line reached Buta on 1 July 1931. A branch line to Titulé via Andoma opened on 11 November 1932. Buta became an operational centre for Vicicongo.

Lubumbashi Time 
Lubumbashi Time
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Buta has a population of over 50,130 people. Buta also forms the centre of the wider Bas-Uele Province which has a population of over 1,093,845 people.

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