Brețcu, Covasna County, Transylvania, Romania

🇷🇴 Brețcu is a commune in Covasna County, Transylvania, Romania composed of three villages: • Brețcu / Bereck • Mărtănuș / Kézdimartonos • Oituz / Ojtoztelep.

The Roman castra and settlement of Angustia and is located on the east side of the village. G. Popa Lisseanu argued that Brețcu was an old Romanian land mentioned in 1426 by King Sigismund in an official document. In that document, King Sigismund offered privileges to Romanians and to their Duke (the names of some Romanians were cited: Ioan and Radul, Țacu's son). The document contains the first attestation of Brețcu village.

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Brețcu has a population of over 3,510 people. Brețcu also forms part of the wider Covasna County which has a population of over 210,177 people. It is also a part of the larger Transylvania region.

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