Béchar, Algeria

🇩🇿 Béchar is the capital city of Béchar Province, Algeria. It is also a commune, coextensive with Béchar District, of Béchar Province. The commune is composed of 8 localities: • Béchar Centre • Debdaba • Béchar Djedid • Ouakda • Benzireg • Hassi Haouari • Zouzfana • Gharassa • Manouarar Nekheila.

Economy Agriculture is an important industry in Béchar. The commune has a total of 8,384 hectares (20,720 acres) of arable land, of which 5,100 hectares (13,000 acres) is irrigated. There are a total of 109,000 date palms planted in the commune, occupying 910 hectares (2,200 acres). Other crops include vegetables, figs, cereals and almonds. As of 2009 there were 19,067 sheep, 16,664 goats, 1,766 camels, and 444 cattle. There were also 126,000 chickens in 20 buildings.

There is some tourism in the city, with 10 hotels and tourist attractions including sand dunes, palm groves, the old ksar, and an ancient fort.

Other industries in the city include coal mining, and the production of leather-work and jewellery.


Béchar has a population of over 165,627 people.

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