Atar, Adrar Region, Mauritania

🇲🇷 Atar (Arabic: أطار‎, Berber for mountain) is a town in north-western Mauritania, the capital of the Adrar Region and the main settlement on the Adrar Plateau. Situated on the oued Seguellil, it is home to an airport, a museum and a historic mosque, constructed in 1674.

Tourism Today, the Atar is best known to outsiders as an entryway for tourists to visit the ruins of the ancient Moorish cities of Ouadane and Chinguetti. It was a key stop in the world's longest off-road race, the Paris Dakar Rally, held every January.

Small business sector The "samaras" (from Arab smela : sole) are made in Atar and well known in Mauritania. It's a leather sole with straps.

Nouakchott Time 

Atar has a population of over 25,190 people. Atar is situated 439km from Nouakchott.

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