Araçu, Goiás, Central-West Region, Brazil

🇧🇷 Araçu is a municipality in central Goiás state, Brazil. Araçu is part of the Anápolis Microregion and is a short distance north-west of the state capital, Goiânia. It has boundaries with Itaberaí, Itauçu, and Caturaí. The distance to the state capital, Goiânia, is 75 km (47 mi) and highway connections are made by GO-070 / Goianira / GO-523 / Caturaí / GO-222.

Economy The economy is based on cattle raising (19,500 head in 2006), services, public administration, and agriculture. The main agricultural products in 2006 were bananas, coffee, garlic, rice, sugarcane, beans, corn, and tomatoes. There were no financial institutions reported in 2007. • Industrial establishments: 6 • Retail commerce establishments: 26 • Automobiles: 314.

Agricultural data 2006 • Farms: 171 • Total area: 18,379 ha (45,420 acres) • Area of permanent crops: 426 ha (1,050 acres) • Area of perennial crops: 1,311 ha (3,240 acres) • Area of natural pasture: 13,330 ha (32,900 acres) • Area of woodland and forests: 2,735 ha (6,760 acres) • Persons dependent on farming: 620 • Farms with tractors: 33 • Number of tractors: 47 • Cattle herd: 19,500 head IBGE.

Parque Ambiental Ipiranga, Goiás 
Parque Ambiental Ipiranga, Goiás
Image: RMPalhares

Araçu has a population of over 3,486 people. Araçu also forms part of the wider Anápolis Region which has a population of over 517,221 people. Araçu is situated 72 km north-west of Goiânia.

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