Ales, Provincia di Oristano, Sardinia, Italy

🇮🇹 Ales is a small town in the province of Oristano on the island of Sardinia in the Mediterranean Sea. It lies on the eastern slopes of Mount Arci. This area is the only Sardinian source of obsidian. Together with the town of Terralba, Ales forms the Roman Catholic diocese of Ales-Terralba. Ales Cathedral, dedicated to Saint Peter, is the bishop's seat.

The nearest international airport is in Cagliari, at roughly 70 km (43 mi) distance.

Bosa, Oristano, Sardinia, Italy 
Bosa, Oristano, Sardinia, Italy
Image: Photo by Jürgen Scheeff on Unsplash

Ales has a population of over 1,410 people. Ales also forms part of the wider Oristano Province which has a population of over 159,474 people. Ales is situated 40 km south-east of Oristano.

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