Alcantarilla, Province of Murcia, Murcia Autonomous community, Spain


🇪🇸 Alcantarilla is a town and municipality in south-eastern Spain, in the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia. The town is only 7 km away from the capital of the region, the city of Murcia, and one of its peculiarities is that it is completely surrounded by "pedanías" (satellite districts or boroughs) of the municipality of Murcia like Sangonera La Seca, San Ginés, Nonduermas, Puebla de Soto, La Ñora, Javalí Viejo and Javalí Nuevo.

The town is part of a low-lying fertile plain rich in gardens, orchards and citrus fruits, known as the "Huerta", which includes the valleys of the river Segura and its right-hand tributary the Guadalentín or river Sangonera and is surrounded by mountains. The Huerta belongs mainly to the large administrative authority of the city of Murcia but it also includes other small municipalities (Alcantarilla, Beniel y Santomera) that could not be omitted from the Huerta's framework either functionally or visually.

The Paratrooper Military School (Escuela Militar de Paracaidismo) "Méndez Parada" of the Spanish Air Force is quartered at the Alcantarilla Air Base, which is also used by the Paratrooper Brigade of the Spanish Army, an airborne elite unit called the Black Berets, which has a base in Murcia, not far from the air base at Alcantarilla.

Economy The economy of Alcantarilla is mainly based on the industrial sector, as well as on the service sector and trade. The most important industrial area is set in the industrial estate called Poligono Industrial Oeste, shared with the municipality of Murcia, and where most of the enterprises in the town are. The trade and the service sector is focused on the fish market and cattle. The municipal fish market of San Pedro Apóstol is a remarkable centre of market auction on the Mediterranean coast and it is considered the third most important indoor marketplace in Spain. The cattle market is basically aimed for the region of Levante, Andalusia and part of Castilla - La Mancha.

Other emblematic business found in Alcantarilla are Hero Spain, Bayern or Derivados Químicos.

Complete listings and reviews of businesses in Alcantarilla can be found online at the Town Hall of Alcantarilla website.

Alcantarilla, Province of Murcia, Murcia Autonomous community, Spain 
<b>Alcantarilla, Province of Murcia, Murcia Autonomous community, Spain</b>
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Alcantarilla has a population of over 41,622 people. Alcantarilla also forms part of the wider Murcia Province which has a population of over 1,511,251 people. Alcantarilla is situated 7 km west of Murcia.

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