Abha, 'Asir Region, Saudi Arabia

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๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡ฆ Abha is the capital of 'Asir Region in Saudi Arabia. It is situated 2,270 metres above sea level in the fertile Asir Mountains of south-western Saudi Arabia, near Asir National Park. Abha's mild climate makes it a popular tourist destination for Saudis.

Abha is located in the southern region of Asir at an elevation of about 2,270 metres (7,450 feet) above sea level. Abha lies on the western edge of Mount Al-Hijaz, near Jabal Sawda, the highest peak in Saudi Arabia. Treating the Asir Mountains as part of the Sarawat, the landscape is otherwise dominated by the Sarawat Mountains.

A coastal road connecting Jeddah and Abha was completed in 1979. A SAPTCO bus station connects Abha to other destinations within Saudi Arabia.

Abha Regional Airport (ู…ูŽุทูŽุงุฑ ุฃูŽุจู’ู‡ูŽุง) is Abha's main airport. International connections are available to Yemen (Sana'a), Egypt (Cairo), Qatar (Doha) and the UAE (Dubai, Sharjah), as well as to other destinations within Saudi Arabia. Construction of Dutch-designed Abha Airport began in mid-1975, and flights began in 1977. Before construction of the airport, domestic flights were serviced by the military airport near Khamis Mushait by Ali Misfer Ibn Misfer, who was the founder of aviation in Abha in 1945.

Landmarks The city of Abha is composed of four quarters, the largest of which contains a fortress. Hilltop fortresses are a characteristic feature of the city. Shadda Palace, built in 1927, is now a museum displaying local handicrafts and household items. Other notable buildings in Abha include the Abha Great Mosque, the Al-Tahy restaurant, the Abha Palace Hotel, and the funpark next to Lake Sadd. The New Abha five-star hotel is a recent construction on the lake, 1.5ย km (0.93ย mi) south-west of the town. The head office and the main printing presses of Al Watan, a major Saudi daily, are in Abha.

Education King Khalid University is a public university in Abha. The University was established in 1999 by merging the Imam Muhammed bin Saud University of Islamic Studies and the King Saud University of the South.

Abha, 'Asir Region, Saudi Arabia 
<b>Abha, 'Asir Region, Saudi Arabia</b>
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Abha has a population of over 1,093,705 people. Abha also forms the centre of the wider 'Asir Region which has a population of over 2,211,875 people.

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