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The Alpha Group’s overarching vision is to reach and help one million SME Owners in the next 10 years. Our simple promise is to help you double the value of your business within 2 to 3 years, and to dominate your niche. The Alpha Group brings together ambitious entrepreneurs like you and your contacts in Peer-to-Peer Mastermind Advisory Boards for confidential exchange and mentoring in a unique, member-driven Board experience. These Boards have been successfully running for over a decade and are in over 25 countries, expanding rapidly across the globe. Now, with the power of The Alpha Group Online System, our time-efficient zoom meetings helps us extend our reach to many more entrepreneurs. Come along and experience a meeting for yourself.

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To experience the full power of the Alpha Group, we invite you to Test Drive – to participate fully as a member in one of our Virtual, Real World or Blended Advisory Boards. Before we hand over the keys, please be aware that certain conditions apply. You must own, have owned, or have the ambition to shortly own your own business, either by yourself or in partnership, or as a managing director. Our members include the smallest startup businesses, but for our larger Elite Groups you will need to run and control a firm with a revenue in excess of $300,000 USD/£250,000 GBP. You must have the cash-flow or ambition to invest up to £10,000 GBP in yourself and your business over the next three years. You will need to sign a confidentiality agreement and observe our code of conduct throughout the meeting, and in all your dealings with our Members and our Directors.

In return for your precious time, we commit to provide you with massive value from your test-drive.

At the end of your test-drive you may be asked if you want to secure your seat for your industry sector, if available, and you will be given the option to discuss our payment plan if appropriate. If your seat is taken we may be able to place you on a priority waiting list or we can help you to start your own Alpha Group in your business community.