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Double the value of your business in the next 1,000 days

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James H Dunning

My Personal Guarantee

I guarantee that you are working too hard and taking on too much risk for the rewards you are getting as a busy business owner.

Moreover, I can guarantee that your successes, your experience and your insights will be invaluable to other entrepreneurs, people just like yourself.

Come and experience the power of The Alpha Group, either in person or online, and I will show you how you can contribute and the results you can expect within the first 90 days.

After all, with our audacious promise, you owe it to yourself and your business to at least take a look.

The Alpha Group
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Unleash the power of your executive advisory board

The Alpha Group

Curious about the effect of doubling the value of your business?

Your advisory board is a group of like-minded individuals who meet with you monthly to brainstorm and solve your challenges and to explore your opportunities. Essentially, it’s a group that offers you its collective ideas, support, experience and accountability to help you succeed through peer-to-peer mentoring. In addition you benefit from the privilege of learning from other peoples experience, and the satisfaction of knowing your unique perspective has helped them thrive. By doubling the value of your business you can achieve true financial freedom and you will enjoy a greater range of options and appropriate reward for your endeavours. You will have more time for yourself and less stress running your business and your family will benefit. Not only that but as your business grows and thrives, you provide new opportunities for your staff and with the velocity of money the benefit to the local community is increased seven times.

Take a serious look at how you can leverage the power of The Alpha Group!

As a member of The Alpha Group – The world's fastest growing peer-to-peer advisory board – we give you access to over 50 FastGrowth™ Projects, our unique mastermind process and exemplary peer-to-peer mentoring support. As an established organisation we have had the privileged opportunity to work with many fine owners and managers of a wide range of businesses in many diverse niches and we have seen first-hand how often owners may, at times, feel “stuck”. We give them a safe space in which to step back from their problems and their advisory board will provide creative inputs and trusted third party perspectives to resolve their challenges. Our members are already operating at 110%, by working on strategy together we leverage the power of the group so you can multiply your results several times.

Lonely at the top? We are here to change that for you.

Your Alpha Group will provide you with a trusted, confidential environment to share scaling up challenges. You will receive valuable inputs, perspectives and potential solutions from your experienced business-owning peers sitting around the table. It has been said that the biggest challenge in business today is not knowing what the biggest challenge in your business is. If you are looking forward, it is nice to know there is someone who has your back. In fact, with The Bastion™, not only do you have people watching out for you in every direction, they also have you covered.

What would dominating your niche mean for you and your business?

Your Board will unlock your full potential for growth by inspiring and motivating you to make transformational changes within your business. You will further develop your leadership skills so that you enjoy personal success – inside and outside of your business. By developing your unique strategic proposition, you will provide focus to your operations, to your marketing, to your sales and to your delivery. By working together with other key local businesses you will form strong strategic alliances so that everyone benefits. None of us is stronger than all of us.

In a summary, your Advisory Board will help you:

  • Transform your company culture to create sharper focus and energy
  • Transform your products and customer experience to substantially increase sales
  • Transform your business models to significantly enhance profits and profit multipliers
  • Achieve a work-life balance for you that makes sense

Your fellow members will be ambitious start-ups and established SMEs – Founders, Business Owners, CEOs, Managing Directors and Managing Partners with a range of unique skills and perspectives, just like yourself. Do you have what it takes to join them and thrive? Do you have valuable experience and in-depth knowledge that you can share? Do you know of potential traps and pitfalls that you can help others avoid? Do you have your own unique perspective and insights that will help others recognise their blind spots?

Better leaders mean better, more successful businesses.

SME Owners Value The Alpha Group

1. Advice from a team of qualified, like minded individuals, ensuring that your business has a variety of opinions to consider.

2. Opportunity to focus on strategy and topics of key business growth rather than just day-to-day tasks and putting out fires.

3. Security of knowing that when your organisation meets challenges, they will not be faced alone.

4. Confidence that your organisation is well-run and a belief that decisions have been fully investigated.

5. Motivation leading to increased performance and optimism so you can achieve your full potential.

6. Ideas that help increase turnover and give you new strategies to increase your value.

7. Rewards and financial freedom appropriate to your efforts, and a chance crystallise your personal vision.

8. Experience and shared knowledge, leading to a broader perspective and increased network.

9. Satisfaction and personal pride, as a member of a high-achieving, inspirational group, with the chance to make trusted new contacts.

10. Balance to work and life that validates and enriches you and makes common sense.