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My personal mission is to help entrepreneurs and busy business owners around the word, as this will benefit them, their staff, their families, and their communities. Indeed it will help them create jobs and wealth for their local economy giving them the results they truly deserve for the risks they take.

I will never tell you what to do, I merely facilitate, and I have a superb structure which leads you through a 1,000 day cycle covering every aspect that your business may need.

I am looking for a team of dynamic, caring, global business leaders to help me do this and build wealth. If you are interested to find out more come and join me, in person in beautiful Inverness, or online.

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I am passionate about supporting local business leaders and I am dedicated to help them thrive in their local communities in the most cost effective way possible. I am a Management Consultant with a wide number of business contacts across Africa and America and beyond, enabling me to support ambitious business owners across the globe. I am a successful business owner myself with a long established specialism in database publishing for American Universities, as well as my own niche Architectural practice based close to London in Kent/Sussex England.

I am a seasoned networking professional with rich experience of over 23 years, with BNI building networking groups and travelling world-wide, mentoring and connecting businesses of all sizes and helping them achieve massive growth. I am currently ranked in the top 5 on BNI Business Builder. In addition I am a clear strategic thinker, fully qualified as an architect and accredited by the Royal Institute of British Architects. With my Architectural Firm I work on a variety of International Projects, ranging from Business Parks, Offices, Development Projects, One-off houses and heritage projects. Taking maximum advantage from my past professional experience, combining business growth and strategic thinking, I am now pursuing my passion as an Executive Coach, mentoring SME Owners throughout the world to take their businesses to the next level.

I help entrepreneurs to resolve internal conflicts, help them make aligned decisions and ensure they take action. I am inspired by the entrepreneurial leadership and “can-do” attitude, and believe anything is possible. I am keen to work with the businesses community serving their local area and contribute towards strengthening the local SME sector. Stronger SME’s means more employment in the local economy, after all!

If you are keen to benefit the other business leaders in your area, or you are looking for an exciting opportunity to complement your existing leadership skills then please reach out to me about the options available to you right now.

At the heart of a powerful network
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I am a graduate in moral philosophy, with a keen interest in how human development and business development inter-relate and I am currently finalising my first book on the subject which will be available shortly through my publishing company. I am a fellow of the The Royal Society for Arts, Manufactures and Commerce, The RSA, whose past fellows include Benjamin Franklin, Stephen Hawking, Adam Smith and Tim Berners-Lee. I am a keen supporter of Universal Basic Income and I am interested in how the UBI can help Entrepreneurs, and I am an active member of UBILab Leeds. I actively support local and global charities and help out with junior chess coaching. I love travel, meeting people, books, music, food and wine.

If you are a business owner or manager serving your local community, starting out with ambition or with experience of running a company, then you likely have the right experience or attitude to help other business owners just like yourself. In that case let’s connect to explore how I can take your business to the next level and double your value within 2/3 years.